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Water Bottle Factory - ASPART-X Floor


A bottled water production facility had an existing epoxy coating flooring that was cracked and peeled in many high traffic areas where machinery, equipment and people frequently move about. The company needed an extremely quick turnaround time for any application for minimum production disruption, wanted to avoid unpleasant odors that come with traditional epoxies flooring options and no VOC exposure.


Needing a flooring resolution that is durable, with a quick dry time and no VOCs, ASPART-X was the perfect solution. In combination with other products in the LINE-X family, ASPART-X creates a tough and U/V stable topcoat. Within two hours of application completion, factory workers were able to walk on and continue using the area. By asking the factory to keep a large stock of materials inside to avoid using heavy equipment to move materials around, this allowed for the need two to three days for the ASPART-X to fully cure.


The ASPART-X application is an excellent solution for the heavy traffic areas of the factory floor.
LINE-X ASPART-X is a quick and cost-effective solution that will provide a rugged and durable flooring coating for many years.
After one year in service, the bottle water production company is still very happy with the performance of the ASPART-X flooring. The factory is building an expansion to double production capacity and they have asked LINE-X to coat the floors of the new facility with ASPART-X.

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