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Road Security Plates

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Road Security Plates


In many areas of our transportation infrastructure and networks there are steel plates in the road. They are often used at facility entrances and exits to form part of a security or barrier structure. These plates receive constant wear from car and truck traffic including road grit, salt, and other environmental effects that make preservation a challenge.

Typically steel plates need to be painted and preserved each year. Besides the obvious problems with corrosion, rusty steel plates do not present a professional image at the entrance or exit of a company’s facility.


LINE-X coated the steel plates with LINE-X XS-350 and used an ASPART-X topcoat to form the yellow caution stripes. This application will protect the steel plates from harmful corrosive elements such as moisture and salt.

Because the work was completed with the plates in place, the customer avoided the extra costs of having them removed and reinstalled. Working with the plates in the road also allowed for traffic to remain uninterrupted for a much shorter period of time. Traffic on this job was only diverted for part of the day whereas conventional preservation methods would have closed the street for over 24 hours.


The customer was very pleased with the results. They now have a longer term corrosion solution. This LINE-X application will ultimately save the customer money due to lower maintence costs and less frequent upkeep.

In addition to a positive return on investment, the customer now has a cleaner, cost-effective, more professional appearance to their facility’s entrance and exit. This solution allows the customer to focus on other projects and save money in the process.

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