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Your home is an investment that can create money-saving benefits indoors and outdoors.
Whether you are looking to reduce noise, waterproof or save time and money from constant maintenance repairs, LINE-X has the home improvement solutions that will help save you money in the long run.
With a growing number of flooring options on the market, homeowners across the country are looking for permanent and worry-free flooring solutions. Thanks to the advances in high performance coatings, garage floors can now be durable and beautiful.
For many customers, the key factors to a high quality garage coating are similar. The coating must be very durable, easy to clean, impervious to common stains or hot tire marks, virtually maintenance free, installed quickly and aesthetically pleasing.


  • For homeowners looking to invest in the best for their homes, APART-X offers several key benefits including:
  • Water resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • High impact and abrasion resistance
  • UV stability
  • Aesthetic appearance

ASPART-X differs from most floor coatings.
It is a zero VOC, aliphatic, pure polyurea specifically engineered to form a chemical and mechanical bond with the concrete substrate.

What makes the ASPART-X process so unique is the extensive prep work that goes into each application. Before the product is applied, the concrete is thoroughly cleaned and prepped by either grinding or shot blasting the entire surface. Any and all existing cracks are filled and repaired to ensure the concrete is in the best possible condition to support the ASPART-X application In addition to these factors, ASPART-X offers a variety of texture and colour options for virtually any space. An ASPART-X application goes far beyond just a top coating on existing concrete.


All ASPART-X applications are guaranteed to meet the company’s strict quality application standards for every product, every time..

No matter what your needs, an ASPART-X appication will protect your investment for years to come.

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