Comparison Chart

ASPART-X Coating Epoxy Coatings Acrylic Sealers
UV Resistance Excellent Poor Good
Color & Gloss Retention Excellent Turns Yellow Fades
Chalk Resistance Excellent Good Poor
Available in UV Stable Clear Yes No Yes
Apply in Cold Weather Yes No No
Resistance to Thermal Shock Excellent Poor Fair
Cure below 40° F Yes No No
Easily Coatable Yes No Yes
Functional Coating Yes Yes No
Can Become Structural Yes Yes No
Solvent Content 0 0-50% 30-80%
Zero VOCs Yes Some Some
Solvent free Yes Some Some
100% solids Yes Some No
Remains Flexible(>50% elongation) Permanent Few No
Waterproof Yes Yes No
Moistureproof Yes Some No
Vaporproof (similar to PVC) Yes Some No
Chemical Resistance Excellent Excellent Poor
Tire Marking Resistance Excellent Excellent Poor
Seamless Yes Yes Yes
Resilient Yes Poor No
Simple Application Yes No Yes
Number of Components Adhesive Bond Strength 3 Excellent 2 Excellent 1 Good
Easily Repaired Yes No No
Rapid Cure Time Yes No No
Little to No Odour Yes No Some
Outgassing Low Low to Medium Medium
Environmentally Safe Yes Some No
High Thickness Possible Yes Yes No
Mil Thickness (Dry Film Thickness) 20 Most -16 4