This time lapse video shows the whole ASPART-X process from beginning to end. Obviously the floor has to be in sound condition and here are the processes that the installation team go through…

  • Determine imperfections
  • Clean and de-grease any contaminated areas
  • Diamond grind the top surface
  • Chase all cracks and use MEND-X to fill and repair
  • Clean excess MEND-X back to true surface height
  • Clean all dust from floor to ensure perfect finish
  • Lay clear basecoat to seal floor
  • Add chosen colour layer
  • Cast granite effect chips to completely cover floor
  • Hoover up all excess chips for re-use
  • Use scraper to clean off high points
  • Clean up broken chips and bin
  • Add clear topcoats


The end result is a beautiful super tough long lasting floor that’s ready to display the high end motor vehicles.